About Us

"I am Patrice Sylvain Dawson the owner of Patrice Adele MUA. I have always had a burning passion for makeup. Since the age of 11, I began playing around with makeup. As I got older I still had this passion for makeup. I was the one to do makeup for family and friends. In 2013, I began to seriously start perfecting my craft by enrolling in the Last Looks Makeup Academy in Houston, TX, and then in 2014 Touch Makeup Academy in Houston, TX. In 2016, I moved to Los Angeles, California and I enrolled in Michael Vincent Academy. I was also hired as a Freelance Makeup Artist for MAC in the Los Angeles area. Currently, I have a Makeup Studio in Englewood CA, and Work as a Freelance Makeup Artist doing Bridal, Photoshoots, Birthdays, Fashion Shows, etc."

Patrice D.

Business Owner

"Since day one Patrice Adele MUA have built a service around our customers' needs, providing high quality and professional work every time without fail."